*p*: Pentecost

We read in the twenty-fourth chapter of Exodus that the Lord said to Moses: Come up to Me into the mountain, and I will give thee the two tables of the covenant." Just as the law was given to Moses and was written on tablea of stone, so, on the day of Pentecost, a new law was written in the hearts of the faithful collected together when the fire appeared above them.
We read in the eighteenth chapter of the first book of Kings that when Elijah the prophet had placed the holocaust, that is, one bull, upon the wood, and in the presence of the people called upon the Lord; the fire coming down from heaven devoured everything: and so the people believed in the Lord. This fire from heaven signifies that Divine fire which, on the day of Pentecost, came upon the disciples, and cleansed them and devoured all their sin and wickedness.
Ps. civ. 30 Thou sendest forth Thy Spirit; they are created Wisd. i.7 For the Spirit of the Lord filleth the world.
Image: Moses receives the law
Image: Pentecost
Image: Fire from Heaven consumes EliasŐ sacrifice
The Divine Law was given to Moses from the top of Sinai. The celestial flame comes to soften the hearts of men.
Ezek. xxxvi.27 I will put My Spirit within you Joel ii.29 Upon the handmaids and upon the servants will I pour out My Spirit
The gentle Spirit fills the hearts of the faithful.