[*]n[*] : Doubting Thomas

We read in the sixth cbapter of Judges that the angel of the Lord came to Gideon and said unto him, "The Lord is with thee, thou mighty man of valour, wherefore thou thyself shalt deliver the people,"--which came to pass. Now Gideon signifies Thomas, to whom there came an angel, a wonderful Counsellor, to wit, Christ, to strengthen him in his faith, saying unto him, "Thrust thine hand into My side, and behold the marks of the nails; and be not faithless, but believing."
We read in the thirty-second chapter of Genesis that when an angel of the Lord came to Jacob, he seized the angel and wrestled with him, and did not let him go until he blessed him. Jacob signifies Thomas the apostle, who by touching an angel, to wit, Christ, was deemed worthy to get a blessing--that is an assurance of Christ's resurrection.
Isa. lvii.18. I have sent him away and I have brought him back. I have seen him and will heal him. I will lead him also and restore comforts unto him and to his mourners. Jer. xxxi.18 Turn Thou me and I shall be turned, for Thou art the Lord my God.
Image: Angel appears to Gideon
Image: Doubting Thomas
Image: Jacob wrestles with the Angel
The angel exhorts Gideon not to fear Jacob, when he wrestled, was named Israel and blessed.
David Make glad, O Lord, the heart of Thy servant Zeph. iii.7 Surely thou wilt fear Me; thou wilt receive instruction
Thou dost suffer Thyself to be touched, that he may give in.