*m*: Christ appears to disciples
We read in Genesis xlv. that Joseph saw his brethren smitten with fear and afraid of the multitude, and knnowing not that it was Joseph, and he said to them: "I am your brother Joseph: touch me not," and thus he consoled them. Joseph signifies Christ, who after His resurrection appeared to His disciples who were in the flesh, and spoke to them and comfiorted them, saying, "Fear not, I am ..."
We read in the 16th chapter of the gospel of St. Luke that the son of a certain rich man said unto his father, "Give me my portion of the inheritance;" and when he had given it unto him he departed into a far country and squandered all his substance, and then returned to his father, who received him kindly and comforted him. Now this good father signifies that Heavenly Father who, coming to His disciples after His death, comforted them and showed them His resurrection.
Ps. xvi.11 In Thy presence is fulness of joy Wisd. i.2 He sheweth Himself unto such as do not distrust Him
Image: Joseph makes himself known to his brothers
Image: Christ appears to disciples
Image: Prodigal son returns home
He (Joseph) who formerly vexed his brethren, now embraces them. The father in tears embraces his son, now recovered
Isaiah li.1 Look unto the Rock whence ye are hewn Ezek. xxxiv.11 Behold I, even I, will both search My sheep and seek them out
Jesus appears to these (disciples); His risen glory is revealed