*b*: Christ is Condemned

We read in the nineteenth chapter of the first book of Kings that Queen Jezebel, when she had slain the prophets of the Lord, would then have slain the prophet Elijah. This wicked queen is a type of the Jews, who meant cruelly to slay the true Elijah--that is Christ--through envy, because by His preaching He showed them their wickedness.
We read in Daniel (sixth chapter) that the wicked people of Babylon came to King Nebuchadnezzar and said, "Deliver unto us Daniel," who was innocent. This people is a type of the Jews, who cried out eagerly again and again to Pilate: "Crucify Him, crucify Him;" and again: "If thou let Him go thou art not Caesar's friend." And that king signifies Pilate, who, fearing the Jews, handed over to them the innocent Ghrist
Isa. v. 20 Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil Psalm I.5 It is not good to take part in the counsel of the ungodly.
Image: Jezebel seeks to slay Elias
Image: Pilate washing his hands
Image: Daniel accused by the Babylonians
The fierce woman would fain slay the prophet, so the wicked condemn Christ. This cruel race would do Daniel to death.
Job xxxvi. 17 Thou hast fulfilled the judgment of the wicked Amos v. 7 Who turn judgment to wormwood, and (leave off) justice
So the fierce multitude dared to condemn Jesus without cause