t: Gethsemene

We read in the first book of Kings and twenty-second chapter that the king of Samaria and king Jehoshaphat, being prepared for war, consulted four hundred false prophets, and that a lying spirit spake in the mouth of all those prophets speaking peace: "Go in peace." Micaiah, a true prophet of the Lord, prophesied that the king should not return in peace, which came to pass. So the king commanded that there should be given him the bread of affliction. This Michaiah is a type of Christ, who for His truth
We read in the sixth chapter of the second book of Kings that, so great was the famine in Samaria, that a woman boiled her son and ate him; the king wished to kill Elisha, the prophet of the Lord; but Elisha said, "Tomorrow a measure of fine flour shall be sold for a shekel." The king would not believe as the prophet had spoken; whereof Elisha said, "Thou shall see it, but shall not eat thereof." On the day after the king was trodden to death in the gate of Samaria by those who brought the fine flour.
Micah 2.10 Arise ye and depart, for this is not your rest. Baruch 4.25. Oh, children, suffer patiently the wrath that is come upon you from God!
Image: Micheas is punished
Image: Gethsemene
Image: Eliseus predicts the truth
They leave Michaiah, the prophet, who do not believe him. They do not believe Elisha when he prophesies to the people.
Jonah 4.3 It is better for me to die than to live. Tobias 12.20 For I go up to Him that sent me.
Jesus passes through Gethsemane, and then says farewell to his disciples.