q: Judas betrays Jesus
We read in the thirty-seventh chapter of Genesis that the brothers of Joseph said to their father Jacob that a very evil beast had devoured his son. This they did, fraudulently conspiring towards the death of their brother. Joseph fraudulently sold by his brother signifies Christ, without fault, fraudulently sold by Judas into death.
We read in the Second Book of Kings (ch. xv.) that Absolom, the son of David, stood at the entry of the gate of the city of Jerusalem, and spoke to the people coming in, saying, "Who will make me judge?" and the hearts of the men who were conspiring with him against his father inclined to constitute him king instead of David, and afterwards they pursued his father, whom he intended to kill. This Absolom signifies Judas the traitor, who conspired with the Jews towards the death of Christ.
Gen. 49.6. O my soul, come not thou into their secret! [counsel] (Ps. 31.13). They took counsel together against me to take away my life.
Image: JosephÕs brothers betray him
Image: Judas betrays Jesus
Image: Absalom betrays David
The band of brothers wickedly conspires against the boy Joseph. The accursed son (Absalom) conspires against his father's fortune.
Proverbs 21.30. There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against the Lord. Jeremiah 11.19. They devised devices against me.
So these men plotted together the death of Christ.