h: Return from Egypt
We read in the second book of Kings, chapter 2, that after the death of King Saul, David consulted with the Lord, who responded that he should return to the land of Juda. David signifies Christ who after the death of Herod returned into the land of Juda. Thus the gospel testifies, when the angel of the Lord says: "Arise and take the child and His mother and fly etc., for they are dead that sought the life of the child.
We read in Genesis, chapters 31 and 32, that Jacob, returning to his country which he had fled because of the anger of Esau, his brother, sent sheep and cattle and camels and asses before him, and he followed, with his wives and sons. Jacob, who fled from his brother, signifies Christ, Who fled from Herod the King, whom Esau signifies; indeed Christ returns to the land of Juda upon Herod's death.
Ps. 105.4 "Avenge us, O Lord, in Thy salvation." Osee "Egypt, weep not, for the Lord sorrowed for thee."
Image: David returns after SaulŐs death
Image: Return from Egypt
Image: Jacob Returns to his country
David returned to his fatherland after Saul's death. Jacob fears his brother, burns to see his father.
Osee 11.1 "I called my son out of Egypt." Zach. 1.16 "I return to Jerusalem in mercies."
Jesus, who had left the holy places, returns from Egypt. [returns to the holy places; leaves Egypt]