g: Massacre of the Innocents
We read in the first book of Kings, chapter 22, that King Saul had all the priests of the Lord in Nobe slain, because they had received the fleeing David and given him shewbread to eat. Saul figures Herod, David figures Christ, and the priests the boys whom, though innocent, Herod had slain for the sake of Christ.
We read in the fourth book of Kings, chapter 11, that Queen Athalia, seeing her son dead had slain all the children of the king, lest they rule in her son's place. The sister of the king hid her younger son from this, and he later was made king. The cruel queen figures Herod who for Christ's sake had the children slain. The boy hidden from death figures Christ removed by sleight from being slain by King Herod.
"Avenge, O Lord, the blood of thy priests which has been shed." Proverbs
"As a roaring lion, and a hungry bear, so is a wicked prince over the poor people."
Image: Saul beheads the Priests
Image: Massacre of the Innocents
Image: Athalia has the Princes slain
For the sake of David Saul laid low in death the annointed of the Lord. One child being removed by stealth, the royal family is saved.
Jer. 31.15. "A voice was heard in Rama, mourning and weeping." Osee 8.4. "The annointed have reigned, but not by me."
These are taken from this world for Christ.