f: Holy Family in Egypt
We read in the book of Exodus, chapters 31 and 32, that when Moses came to the foot of Mount Sinai he alone went up into the mountain to receive the law. After he had done this, when he came down he saw a sculpted calf which Aaron had made of gold. Moses, having cast down the tablets, destroyed and broke the calf, which well figured the fall of the idols when Christ entered Egypt.
We read in the first book of Kings, chapter 5, that the Philistines placed the arch of the Lord which they had seized in battle beside Dagon, their god. The next morning when they entered the temple they found Dagon lying on the ground with both hands cut off. This figure was truly fulfilled when the Blessed Virgin came with Christ her Son into Egypt; then the idols of Egypt fell. And it figures well the Virgin, who with Christ came into tribulations, and they, that is, the errors of the unbelievers, fell
Osee 10.2 "He shall break down their idols; he shall destroy (their altars)." Nahum 1.14 "I will destroy every idol out of the house of God."
Image: Moses Destroys the Golden Calf
Image: Holy Family in Egypt
Image:Dagon Falls Before the Ark
Through Moses the sacred idol of the calf is trod underfoot. [By holy Moses ...] The ark was the cause of Dagon's sudden downfall.
Zach. 13.2 "In that day ... I will destroy the names of idols out of the earth." Soph. 2.11 "The Lord shall consume all the gods of the earth."
At Christ's appearance the idols suddenly fell.