e: Flight into Egypt
We read in Genesis, chapter 27, that when Rebecca, the mother of Esau and Jacob, heard that it might happen sometime that Jacob would be killed, she herself sent Jacob away to a foreign country that he might escape death. Which well figured the flight of Christ into the land of Egypt, when Herod sought Him after His birth, in order to slay him.
We read in the first book of Kings, chapter 19, that King Saul sent messengers that they might seek David to slay him. But the wife of David, by the name of Michol, let him down from a window by a rope and thus he escaped from those who sought him. King Saul figures Herod who sought Christ to slay Him, when Joseph Him with Mary into Egypt and thus He escaped the hands of those seeking Him.
Isa. 19.1 Behold the Lord ... will enter into Egypt, and the idols ... shall be moved. Psalms 54.8 "Behold I have gone far off, flying away; and I abode in the wilderness."
Image: Rebecca Sends Jacob to Laban
Image: Flight into Egypt
Image: Mychal assists David to escape
Jacob left his father's roof for fear of his brother. David escaped from the snares of Saul through Michol.
Jer. 12.7 "I have forsaken my house, and I have left my inheritance." Osee 5.6 "They shall go to seek the Lord and shall not find Him."
The Boy Christ flees the dire wrath of Herod.