d: Presentation

We read in the book of Leviticus, chapter 12, that every woman giving birth to her firstborn must redeem him with a lamb; the poor who are not able to have a lamb must sacrifice a turtledove or two pigeons for the son, and this for her purification. Which the Glorious Virgin fulfilled, though she did not need to be purified.
We read in the first book of Samuel, chapter 1, that Anna, the mother of Samuel, when she had weaned Samuel, offered him to Heli, the priest in the temple of God, which offering prefigured the offering of God in the temple, made to Simeon.
Psalms 10.5 The Lord is in His holy temple. Mal. 3.1 The lord whom you desire shall come to his holy temple.
Image: Firstborn are presented at the Temple
Image: Presentation
Image: Dedication of Samuel to the Temple
Here is presented the first born that he may be redeemed. Samuel offered denotes you, O Christ.
Zach. 2.10 Behold I come and I will dwell in the midst of thee. Soph. 3.15 The King of Israel the Lord is in the midst of thee.
The Virgin, offering Christ, receives Him back from Simeon.